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JdbcMessageIdRepository and SQL Server: schema


I'm using Camel version 2.16.2 and am trying to create a JDBC message id repository within a Microsoft SQL Server database.

I have created the appropriate JdbcMessageIdRepository bean and populated it with my SQL Server data source but I am finding that the "CAMEL_MESSAGEPROCESSED" table is being automatically created in the default schema of the database, which is called "dbo". I actually need to create the database table in another schema, not the default one.

I have looked through the Camel documentation but cannot find any reference to how to do this.

For other Java projects using JPA, I have used a similar approach and can add database schema configuration when I set up my javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory. Can I do something similar for Camel's JdbcMessageIdRepository?

Thanks for any assistance.

Mark Harris - Software Developer
Meridian Energy Limited
287-293 Durham Street North, Christchurch 8013
DDI : 03 345 9080


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