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Type converter misbehavior with camel-cxf and camel-mail

I'm trying to integrate a CXF REST client into my camel route that already has a SMTP endpoint incorporated into it via camel-mail. (This is using Camel 2.18.5)

When the client is invoked (this is configured via a blueprint), the CxfRsProducer class in camel-cxf has the resource class loaded that I have defined and using the proxy (CxfConstants.CAMEL_CXF_RS_USING_HTTP_API = false, CxfConstants.OPERATION_NAME = "putStatus") it successfully looks up the method the client needs, which in this case will use the String body of the in-message to set as a parameter.

This is where it gets weird. The CxfRsProducer needs to find a converter to take the String body and turn it into an Object[]. In every other case where I've done this, it finds the appropriate type converter and life is good.  However when camel-mail is present in the classpath the converter search method picks:

com.sun.mail.imap.SortTerm[] org.apache.camel.component.mail.MailConverters.toSortTerm(String msg)

This converter fails to produce the desired result and then a list of fallback converters are tried. None of these work either and so the final decision is to not use the in-message body but rather the in-message object itself (DefaultMessage).  This of course isn't the correct solution, so the whole CxfRsProducer bombs on a NoSuchMethodException because it can't find the correct type parameter (String) that my resource class method needs.

If I remove camel-mail, the CXF client works exactly as expected because it finds the right String -> Object[] converter.

I have never really had to muck around explicitly with converters before, but is there a way to get these two dependencies to cooperate and pick the correct converter? My current workaround is in my preparation of the exchange just before the rest client is invoked I put the String I need to send into an Object[] and set that as the new in-message body. Seems a bit of a kluge, but it allows me to continue.