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url/http streaming issue


I'm currently facing 2 issues related to the streaming component with URL.

I have to use an API which is available through HTTP Server-Sent Events, with a GET method. However, to properly use this API, I have to set a custom header.

I couldn't manage to achieve this.

1) using a "from(stream:url?url=http://my.api.url&scanStream=true).to()...", I could not find a way to set the specific header. I can only set some query parameters. Otherwise, the steaming functionality works as expected.

2) To be able to set the specific header, I tried to use a "from(timer).setHeader(...).to(stream:url?url=http://my.api.url&scanStream=true).to()..., but the streaming functionality does not work. It seems that maybe my request is streamed, but not the response. I can't get any data at all.

Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance for your help.