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Re: How to use InterceptSendToEndpoint from Java DSL


Ah okay yeah you can have it in one route builder, where you can have
all your interceptors. Then during startup it will re-register any
existing endpoints with itself so it can proxy/detour.

For doing this manually yourself, then see the source code of

On Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 6:21 PM, Jackson, Douglas
<douglas.s.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is there no way to do it without attaching it to specific routes the way we did it in the blueprint DSL?
> We want to have the interceptor fire whenever someone sends a message to one of the queues regardless of which route they use.  Attaching it to a specific route does not accomplish that.
> Perhaps camelContext.addEndpoint() with some InterceptSendToEndpoint construction?
> -Doug

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