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Re: Camel-salesforce Intermittent time outs

Hi Dalli,
you can increase the timeout from the default 60000 milliseconds to
any greater value that would result in a successful invocation by
putting "timeout" and a numeric value in the `httpClientProperties`[1]
map in the component configuration.

This might not solve your issue entirely as the request the Camel
Salesforce component made against the Salesforce API took longer that
the default timeout and might take longer than any other timeout you

This is entirely an issue of the server side processing done at
Salesforce or any other system Salesforce subsequently interacts with.

And please do not use JIRA to ask questions, we use JIRA to track
issues and it is difficult enough to use it for that without the added
noise of non-issue posts. There are plenty of ways to get prompt
response from Q&A sites like Stackoverflow[2] or by enlisting the
services of companies that offer commercial support[3]. We have a
helpful guide on how to get support as well[4] that you are encouraged
to read.


[1] https://github.com/apache/camel/blob/master/components/camel-salesforce/camel-salesforce-component/src/main/docs/salesforce-component.adoc#options
[2] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/apache-camel
[3] https://camel.apache.org/commercial-camel-offerings.html
[4] https://camel.apache.org/support.html
Zoran Regvart