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Re: How can I include common behavior in several routes?


My rudimentary reading of your question would suggest to me that what you are talking about is an common InOut route.  So define a direct:commonRoute and then use it in the applicable routes.  Or if it is more sophisticated, look at using a RouteBuilder class.



> aware", how might I achieve this?  What I mean by "status aware" is that
> the route will start, notify a component that the workflow has begun, then
> it will conduct route-specific logic, and when that is complete, it will
> notify a component that the workflow has completed.  This is almost like
> AOP in concept, so I would like to be able to define this behavior in one
> place and include it in some number of routes that need to use this
> behavior.  Is there a way that I can accomplish this?  I saw that there is
> adviceWith for testing, but I need this for regular operation.  Thanks in
> advance.
> Steve