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Re: Question about Exchange properties when using File component


Are you sure, can you double check, as Camel should not have changed
in that area, and I would be a bit surprised if exchange properties
have wrong keys.

On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 12:33 PM, Martin Lichtin
<lichtin@xxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:
> Started using the File component (2.19.5) and seeing exchange properties with prefixed names that don't seem to make sense:
> "CompletePathAndFilename"-CamelFileLockFileAcquired=true,
> "CompletePathAndFilename"-CamelFileLockFileName="CompletePathAndFilename".camelLock,
> where "CompletePathAndFilename" is an actual full path to a file that is being picked up by File.
> Should it not just be:
> CamelFileLockFileAcquired=true,
> CamelFileLockFileName="CompletePathAndFileame".camelLock,
> ?

Claus Ibsen
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