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Re: Fwd: jdbc: with non-named parameter?

Hi Tom,
Camel JDBC component (camel-sql) only supports named parameters for one reason:You specify both the place of the parameter AND the source of the value (name of header or key of body).The placeholder camel-sql is :#
If you really want to support plain old ? JDBC placeholders, you will need to write a custom Processor. My advice is to change your SQL query to use the camel mechanism (:#)

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-------- Mensaje original --------De: Tom Oehser <Tom@xxxxxxxx> Fecha: 30/3/18  13:58  (GMT-06:00) A: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Asunto: Fwd: jdbc: with non-named parameter? 

Hey - trying to share some SQL between a Camel jdbc: app and a Spring
jdbc-template app...

the SQL is like

     "blah blah ? blah blah"

- can't figure out how to get camel jdbc: to support the ? (regular
non-named) parameter.

I see the named parameter support - I could change the SQL -

but -

it looks like camel uses :?name and spring jdbc templates use :name
(different named parameter syntax).

So... is there a way to support the regular ? parameter in camel jdbc: ???