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Camel Get Confused REST - URL param

Hi folks,

I'm using Camel Rest (with *restlet* component) and I have the following

.bean(OrderService.class, "findOrderById")

.bean(OrderService.class, "findOrderByCustomerId")

The problem is that the */order/customer* doesn't works (see Exception
below). *The parameters for /customer comes from JWT*...

java.lang.String to the required type: java.lang.Long with value customer
due Illegal characters: customer

I think that camel is confusing the ../{orderId} parameter with
If I change the /customer for /customer/orders it's works.

The same idea in Spring Boot could have done with:

public Order getOrder(@PathVariable Long orderId) {
return orderRepo.findOne(orderId);
public List<Order> getOrder() {
return orderRepo.listOrderByCustomer(1l);

Any idea about what's happening?