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Fwd: Accepted Talks

Hi Cameleers,
Here's the list of accepted talks at FOSDEM Free Java DevRoom 2019,
sadly talk proposed by Alex on Camel[1] didn't get short listed.

I'd still like to organize a Birds of a Feather session at FOSDEM, I'm
watching for when a call for those is announced and I'll have some
news on that as soon as that gets through.

And Alex, if you're planning on attending FOSDEM, I think it would be
great if you can give your talk at the Camel BoF.

I'd still encourage everyone able to go to FOSDEM to do so, I think
it'll be a great chance to share experiences and talk about Camel 3

And of course meet in person :)


[1] https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/java-devroom/2018-November/000243.html

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From: Mario Torre <neugens.limasoftware@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 11:50 AM
Subject: Accepted Talks
To: java-devroom <java-devroom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all!

We are finally ready to announce the list of accepted talks for the
Free Java DevRoom 2018.

Like every other year, this was a very difficult selection, this year
in particular we had an overwhelming amount of high quality proposals
and naturally we had to reject many given the time we have for the
DevRoom. Some of those presentation may still be interesting for the
following OpenJDK contributors workshop though, so if you are
interested please check out the website here:


Without further ado here is the list, in no particular order:

Java Checkpoint/Restore - Christine Flood
OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A - The OpenJDK GB Members
Loom: Weaving executions - Ron Pressler
Java Langauge Futures - Brian Goetz
An introduction to Middleware Application Monitoring with Java Mission
Control and Flight Recorder - Mario Torre And Marcus Hirt
Securing the JVM, neither for fun nor for profit, but do you really
have a choice? - Nicolas Frankel
Learning about Deep Learning: Applications for OpenJDK/Java
Verification - Shelley Lambert
Performance tuning Twitter services with Graal and Machine Learning -
Christian Thalinger
Making the JIT part of the cloud - Irwin D'Souza
A walkthrough guide to implementing a compiler intrinsic - Andrew Dinn
Build your own GC with OpenJDK in 20 minutes - Roman Kennke
The State of OpenJDK - Mark Reinhold
Java with Docker: How to Make it Work - Adam Farley8
The Missing Benchmark Metric: Memory Consumption - Jens Wilke
Rumble in the Java Jungle - Volker Simonis
Tested for Business: An Open and Transparent Quality Kit - Shelley Lambert

I will work on the schedule and try to finalise everything by end of
the week, and also followup with the accepted speakers individually in
the next hours for a final round of confirmation.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for sending a
proposals and helping making this once more one of the most
interesting Java conference in the world!

Mario Torre
pgp key: http://subkeys.pgp.net/ PGP Key ID: 80F240CF
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Zoran Regvart