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Re: [CAMEL 3] Java 8 and Java 11 discussion

Hi Cameleers,
my 2 cents on this is that we're now in a different situation than we
were 5-10 years before. It's all about individual deployments,
containers, microservices and such. Enterprises are moving away from
monolithic app servers and thick runtimes and the choice of Java
version is up to the individual applications.

Coupled with the fact that soon enterprise will have to pay for Java 8
support[1][2] (which they might not do at the moment), they'd be eager
to switch to the next LTS release: 11 or 17.

So I would keep a 2.x line with Java 8 as a base and backport fixes
there, and moving to Java 11 as base for 3.x. That would also allow us
to future proof our reactive story with the use of
java.util.concurrent.Flow (introduced in Java 9) in public facing

We have a chance to change APIs and break (some) backward
compatibility with a major version, I think with 3.x we're in a good
position to do that.


[1] https://blogs.oracle.com/java-platform-group/end-of-public-updates-is-a-process%2c-not-an-event
[2] https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/java-se-support-roadmap.html
On Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 3:03 PM Andrea Cosentino
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> Hello,
> In the other thread about moving the master branch to 3.x, we started a discussion around the Java supported version for Camel 3.
> Lets discuss this argument here.
> Thanks.
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