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Re: Camel website

Hi guys,

I made some design integration on the website based on the new logo,
it's not fully finished and it's just a proposal.

You can have a preview about the home page here :


If you like it I'm ready to push my PR and move forward with the
documentation theme ;)


François Papon

Le 14/12/2018 à 18:03, Claus Ibsen a écrit :
> Hi
> Yay its good to see progress on this, and that we can easily have a
> sneak-peak by browsing that staging site.
> Great work guys, love to see the collaboration going on, to
> reinvigorate the Camel project and its website.
> On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 12:36 PM Zoran Regvart <zoran@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Cameleers,
>> the first iteration of the build[1] of the new website is up on the staging URL:
>> https://camel.apache.org/staging/
>> it took a while to get all the kinks worked out but it seems OK now.
>> Bare in mind that this is still very early, rough version: links will
>> be broken or point to wrong places, layout and styling is almost
>> non-existant.
>> This at least gives us the opportunity to see any changes we make
>> really quickly online.
>> I'll work on adding some READMEs to explain how to contribute and
>> cleanup JIRA issues around the new website next.
>> zoran
>> [1] https://builds.apache.org/blue/organizations/jenkins/Camel.website/activity
>> --
>> Zoran Regvart