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Re: Olingo4 ... sorry another one!


Can we please track everything on JIRA issues?

This way we can have better vision of what has to be done :-)


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On Thursday, December 13, 2018, 2:41:26 PM GMT+1, phantomjinx <p.g.richardson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Hi Dmitry,

Wonder if you would mind looking at this issue as well, please. Again, I may been misunderstanding
something but I just cannot make headway.

So have come up with a test[1] that demonstrates the problem.

Essentially, after replacing the component in the context to bypass the null serviceUri issue, the
route moves on to initialising the Olingo4Consumer. The latter tests the 'read' method to ensure all
properties have been set [2]. However, this fails due to the properties 'edm' and 'responseHandler'
being missing.

These properties are not documented (since they appear to be output properties). However, they are
added into the property names collection of the endpoint [3]. This collection is compared against
the method signatures in the Olingo4AppEndpointConfiguration and neither s/getEdm or
s/getResponseHandler exist hence the exception thrown.

If you want any help in trying to solve either of the issues I've raised then let me know as I've
had my head in them for a couple of days now.

Thanks and regards


[1] https://gist.github.com/phantomjinx/90ee08a989ddff4366d792cc621b36a9#file-properties-issue-java

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