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Olingo4 serviceUri as query


I am wondering if there is a bug in the olingo4 component/endpoint. The documentation[1] states that
the serviceUri can be used as a query hence

  from("olingo4://read/Products?serviceUri=" + serviceUri);

However, adding this to a simple test script[2], this results in an exception[3] that the serviceUri
has not been set. Digging into the code it seems that the Olingo4Configuration is applied to the
endpoint but only has the apiName and methodName set. Consequently, when the call
configuration.getServiceUri() is called, the value is null.

Any help much appreciated.


[2] https://gist.github.com/phantomjinx/085df03915c5813a1f04b32e09d00049#file-simpleolingo4test-java
[3] https://gist.github.com/phantomjinx/085df03915c5813a1f04b32e09d00049#gistcomment-2784671

Paul Richardson

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