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Re: execution time and planning time from Calcite

Hi Lekshmi,

I don't think that you can obtain this information easily. The current
implementation of explain does not seem to provide this information.
If you are willing to dig in a bit into the code you might find useful the
following entry points regarding the timing of queries: CalciteTimingTracer
, CalciteTrace


Στις Παρ, 30 Νοε 2018 στις 11:33 μ.μ., ο/η Lekshmi <lekshmibg09@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
>    I was comparing the performance of PostgreSQL and Calcite. I can collect
> the planning and execution time from PostgreSQL using "explain analyze" but
> from calcite I didnt get all the information using "explain all
> attributes". I would like to know how can we collect the execution time and
> planning time of a query from calcite..It would be great, if anyone help
> me..
> Thanks and Regards
> Lekshmi B.G
> Email: lekshmibg09@xxxxxxxxx