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Re: Avatica CI test failures

This is excellent! This also means that we do not have to manually update the dockerfile during a release.

I think we have 2 options here:
- Keep the dockerfile in dockerfile.template and during release, replace placeholders inside the file and replace the dockerfile file in the repository using some maven automation - During release update the version number in the dockerfile using some maven automation.

I am not too familiar with maven and its plugins, but from my understanding the maven-release plugin is able to update the version numbers in the various pom.xml files. Is the plugin able to do the same for arbitrary files in the repository (preferably using regex if we want it to update the dockerfile directly as in option 2) ?


On 21/11/2018 5:50 pm, Vladimir Sitnikov wrote:
Francis, can you just generate the Dockerfile **during** the build?
I guess you can generate the file with proper version, then "docker-check"
would be obsolete.

Am I missing something?