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Re: Avatica CI test failures

Oh dear! I was under the impression that the builds were breaking before the fix for CALCITE-2385 was committed, but I was wrong! I'll try to get this fixed today.

On 21/11/2018 3:57 am, Josh Elser wrote:
Wait, back up a second? Francis -- did you break every other build just to try to fix CALCITE-2385?

We should not have had to be making changes to CI just to make this work...

On 11/19/18 4:04 PM, Francis Chuang wrote:
Thanks for organizing that, Michael!

Kevin: Currently, all builds will fail without -DskipDockerCheck in place. I was hoping there is some way to configure Maven to run the docker check when the goal is release:prepare and the -DdryRun argument is not present, however there doesn't seem to be a way to do this with the maven release plugin.

The disadvantage of reversing the logic (so that the docker check is triggered on the specification of the argument) is that it's possible to create a broken release with the wrong version numbers in the Dockerfiles if -DcheckDocker is accidentally omitted. My original thought was to make the ability to skip the check an exception (similar to -DskipTests).

Please let me know your thoughts


On 20/11/2018 4:27 am, Kevin Risden wrote:
So is it possible to change the logic so this only gets triggered during a
release? Seems weird to have to specify -DskipDockerCheck on a regular
build. My local jenkins has been failing too and I'm hesitant to make the
same change. I would guess builds from the command line will fail too?

Kevin Risden

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 12:07 PM Michael Mior <mmior@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

No problem. I also gave you access so you should be able to do this
yourself in the future. Let me know if that doesn't seem to have worked.

Michael Mior

Le dim. 18 nov. 2018 à 21:10, Francis Chuang <francischuang@xxxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :

Thanks, Michael!

On 19/11/2018 11:37 am, Michael Mior wrote:
Thanks Francis! I updated the configuration on Jenkins and triggered a
rebuild and looks like things pass now.

Michael Mior

Le dim. 18 nov. 2018 à 17:20, Francis Chuang <francischuang@xxxxxxxxxx
écrit :

This is the latest test failure for Avatica on Jenkins:

It looks like the failure is due to
This check always fails during development or release:prepare
because it relies on tags and version numbers that are only available
when we are making a release for real. I committed a fix for
CALCITE-2385 [1] to fix this. I am not able to update the CI
configuration for Jenkins, but can someone update it to include the
-DskipDockerCheck argument to fix it?

For Travis, the cause of the test failures is also the same and I
updated the .travis.yml file to fix it.

[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CALCITE-2385