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i catch it in the solr adaptor. it is implemented by solr as elasticsearch adaptor.

case a: correct
select a, count(distinct b) from tbl group by a;  

case b: incorrect
1. select a, count(distinct b) from tbl where c = 'c' group by a;

2. select a, count(distinct b), max(c)  from tbl group by a; 

attached solr's code

public void implement(Implementor implementor) {
    implementor.visitChild(0, getInput());

    final List<String> inNames = SolrRules.solrFieldNames(getInput().getRowType());
    for(Pair<AggregateCall, String> namedAggCall : getNamedAggCalls()) {

      AggregateCall aggCall = namedAggCall.getKey();

      Pair<String, String> metric = toSolrMetric(implementor, aggCall, inNames);
      implementor.addReverseAggMapping(namedAggCall.getValue(), metric.getKey().toLowerCase(Locale.ROOT)+"("+metric.getValue()+")");
      implementor.addMetricPair(namedAggCall.getValue(), metric.getKey(), metric.getValue());

Best Regards
Haochao Zhuang

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主题: Re: count(distinct col) can't recognize distinct

Can you give a specific example of a query that doesn't do what you expect
it to do?

Michael Mior

Le mar. 13 nov. 2018 à 07:56, 大明 <zteny@xxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

> Hi Guys:
> I got a question why it can't recognize DISTINCT tag on COUNT(DISTINCT
> col) aggregation function sometimes.
> but it is not problem when my sql query statement have WHEN clause or one
> more aggregation functions.
> Best Regards
> Haochao Zhuang