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Re: Pull requests to review

Yeah, TimestampString is for SqlNode and RexNode only. Not JDBC code. Likewise DateString, TimeString, NlsString. Sorry the doc didn’t make that clear. Although frankly it’s impractical to document all of the places something is NOT used.

> On Nov 5, 2018, at 5:49 AM, ptr.bojko@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Vladimir,
> I thought that TimestampString IS the appropriate type :D (knowledge based
> on Rexbuilder code, where TimestampString is being created as RexLiteral).
> My problem is that I don't see what is the scope of TimestampString,
> DateString, etc in Calcite. Does it span to Rel/Rex tree? Or it should not?
> This is why I've created two different patches :(
> Any help with the responsibility of TimestampString appreciated. Without it
> - bug is still there and I could create lots of other mishit patches.