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[DISCUSS] State of the project 2018

It's that time of year again where we consider where Calcite has gone over
the past year and where it's going in the future. I've been happy to see
our first academic publication on Calcite finally get out this year (thanks
to Edmon, Dan, Jesús, and Julian!)

It's also been really positive to see more committers join the project over
the past year with many contributions in new areas. The quality of our
tests has improved and the feature base continues to expand. There's a few
big things that come to mind. Calcite now has some support for geometry and
JSON functions and also new parsing capabilities via the babel and server
modules. There are probably other important advancements that I missed.

The project continues to have some challenges in keeping up with reviewing
JIRA cases and PRs. Suggestions on streamlining this process are always
welcome. Of course, many contributors to Calcite are doing this in their
spare time. Maintaining the health of the community is another important
goal. There have been a few challenges with friction among contributors but
I think we're working towards resolving this.

Lots going on with Avatica as well and I thank Francis has done a fantastic
job of taking care of that aspect of the project. (Far better than I have
done overall as PMC chair :) It's also the time to find a new chair for the
coming year. If he's willing, I think Francis would be a great choice.

To repeat questions from previous years:

1) What else are we doing well in the project?
2) What areas do we need to do better?

Please take some time to share your thoughts!

Michael Mior