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Re: How to modify select identifiers

Hi Shashwat,

Calcite does this by a Call to the "AS" Operator (basically value as v is just syntactic sugar for AS(value, v)).
So you need to create a call node (SqlCall) with the AS Operator (SqlStdOperatorTable.AS) and as operands you node and an SqlIdentifier for the Alias.

But your visitor should then return SqlNode not String, or?


Am 31.10.18, 11:07 schrieb "Shashwat Kumar" <shashwatkmr.001@xxxxxxxxx>:

    I want to modify select identifiers in sql statement. For example
    SELECT value FROM Data
    SELECT value as v FROM Data
    I am able to get SqlNode for select identifiers as follows.
    public String visit(SqlCall sqlCall) {
            SqlNodeList selectList = ((SqlSelect) sqlCall).getSelectList();
            for (SqlNode sqlNode : selectList) {
                *// do something with sqlNode*
    Now how to change sqlNode as per requirement?
    Shashwat Kumar