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Re: Access SELECT and WHERE Clause column names in SQL Query

What have you tried? You should be able to build a SqlParser and call the
parseQuery method. With the resulting SqlNode, you may want to try
implementing the SqlVisitor interface to get the data you need.

Michael Mior

Le mar. 30 oct. 2018 à 02:02, Shashwat Kumar <shashwatkmr.001@xxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :

> Hi,
> My backend gets the SQL query from the user. I want to modify SQL statement
> before executing it. How can I get the SELECT column names and WHERE column
> names from the SQL query.
> I know that probably SqlParser is to be used but I am not able to make it
> work. Please advise.
> --
> Regards
> Shashwat Kumar