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Unable to pass authentication parameters using calcite for jdbc to gemfire.

I have gemfire 9 on the server and I require a jdbc connection to it using
a third party database app (hosted on tomcat) which accepts only jdbc. I
added all the required jars in the tomcat lib folder and when I try to
connect, I get the following error:


Below is the model JSON file:
 version: '1.0'
 schemas: [
   type: 'custom',
   name: 'TEST',
   factory: 'org.apache.calcite.adapter.geode.rel.GeodeSchemaFactory',
   operand: {
     locatorHost: 'locatorAddress',
     locatorPort: 'locatorPort',
     regions: 'sreHoldings',
     pdxSerializablePackagePath: 'org.apache.calcite.adapter.geode.domain.*'

The driver name I am using in the database app is:

The url I am using is: jdbc:calcite:model=<modelFilePath>

The third party db app is hosted on tomcat which I can access just in case
the solution is to add the credentials in some tomcat internal file.

The same thing is being done in code using Spring and setting the
properties: security-client-auth-init=<custom auth package>

After searching too much on the web and not finding anything, I am mailing
to this in hope of finding a solution. Please
Help. Eagerly waiting for a reply.

Kashyap Chetan Kotak,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.