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Re: [DISCUSS] Where do we draw the line?

Let's not mince words about what this was: it was public shaming and bullying.

Looking at that thread you linked: Zoltan was trying to describe why he thought this was not a big problem. I can't say well enough whether he is right or not (that's beside the point). It was completely inappropriate for Vladimir to bully him. Furthermore, this seems to be completely one-sided (although, if it were two-sided, that doesn't justify either side in acting this way).

This kind of crap is against the ASF code of conduct[1], and, having watched multiple email threads call attention to similar situation, I'm starting to think that this is the "norm" and not the exception from Vladimir which the PMC should consider taking action to correct.

[1] https://www.apache.org/foundation/policies/conduct.html

On 10/18/18 2:35 PM, Jesus Camacho Rodriguez wrote:
Is it OK for a PMC member of this community to engage with a new contributor to the project in this way?

I wanted to bring everyone´s attention to the issue because I do not believe this behavior contributes to the health of the project, welcoming new contributions, etc. The same could have been said in a very different way, and I do not think Zoltan was engaging disrespectfully.

I am not sure whether I am overreacting, I would like to hear others opinion. Does anyone else in the PMC find this disturbing? Does the ASF provide clear guidelines about how members of a community should engage with each other?