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Re: Calcite IN operator handling

You should be able to work around this by setting inSubQueryThreshold to

Michael Mior

Le mer. 10 oct. 2018 à 10:04, Mykola Zerniuk
<mykola.zerniuk@xxxxxxxx.invalid> a écrit :

> Hello calcite devs!
> My name is Mykola, a am software engineer. We actively use calcite
> framework in our project, and recently faced with next issue:
> Some of SQL has huge IN list (more than 1500).  Right now Calcite's SQL
> parser replaces INs with ORs or sub-queries depending on the
> inSubQueryThreshold.
> In case of OR transformation sql become really huge and complex, some of
> databases (in our case - Vertica and Amazon Athena) cannot execute such
> queries. Moreover this transformation
> can be the reason of StackOverFlow error.
> In other case IN is converted into full table scans that is not appropriate
> for our requirements.
> So we want to have an option do not make any conversions to IN.
> I found kinda similar question here:
> https://www.mail-archive.com/dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/msg06929.html
> As i understand that this could be the reason of some expression
> simplification problem.
> This change is very important to us, so we want to create some fix.
> On quick look we see that there are conversions in SqlToRelConverter where
> is check should we do OR conversion or translate values list into inline
> table. We want to add some additional flow there to assign to subQuery.expr
> some RexNode that will left IN "as is".
> It would be nice to get from you some help or suggestion to make it
> possible. Maybe there are some other places we have to pay attention.
> If you see this fix necessary for calcite in future, we can make it
> available in next calcite releases.
> Thank you.
> Mykola Zerniuk