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Re: CALCITE-2458 Use of Kotlin for unit tests

Zoltan>if I run the java compiler it cames back complaining that it doesn't
know what the testkt is.

In other words, Kotlin compiles *.kt files, and javac compiles *.java files.
As for me it looks great.

Zoltan>But still: are there any benefits that kotlin is added to the core

Some of them are highlighted in CALCITE-2458 description.
On top of that, having "core" tests in "core" module simplifies development
flow: one can run tests from within IDE (e.g. hack relevant class and run
relevant test), one can just use `mvn test` to run the tests, and so on.
Building "just two modules" with maven is a pain.
Maven modules are processed sequentially, so adding more modules would pile
up overhead.
Then there's "release artifacts", and what sense would it make "core-tests"
artifact published to Central?