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Re: CALCITE-2458 Use of Kotlin for unit tests

On 10/3/18 12:50 PM, Vladimir Sitnikov wrote:
I would like to note that this change have also altered that now all tests
in the core module are now compiled by the kotlin compiler.

What do you mean by that?

If I understand it correctly it works by wrapping around the java compiler somewhere inside the plugin; to enable bi directional callability between kotlin and java classes.

...or I'm interpreting the output of the below commands incorrectly?

rm -r core/target/{test-,}classes/
mvn install -pl core -DskipTests -Dcheckstyle.skip org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-maven-plugin:1.2.71:test-compile
find core/target/test-classes -name *.class|head

Right now it is not possible to compile the core module's tests without
kotlin support

Why do you want that?
Even if Kotlin tests are moved to a separate module, it would be impossible
to compile that module "without kotlin support".

I tend to only work with a single module; which I have something to do...in Calcite that's usually just core; I don't see any reason to load all the others - it will just compile them all the time - and it usually just fills my workspace with stuff I don't need - if it was a separate module: I wouldn't ever load the kotlin test module...only if it breaks...