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Re: CALCITE-2458 Use of Kotlin for unit tests

Il mer 19 set 2018, 19:49 Vladimir Sitnikov <sitnikov.vladimir@xxxxxxxxx>
ha scritto:

> Julian>You are accusing Enrico of being a hypocrite. Ad hominem attacks
> have no place on this list.
> I apologize if <<It is truly wonderful how you question "if Kotlin is
> widespread or not", and sponsor QUIDEM at the same time>> reads as
> accusing.
> The only reasoning Enrico provided was
> 1) "widespread or not" issue. This really surprised me, and I noted that
> QUIDEM is way less widespread.
> 2) "if you what to drop it you have to rewrite tests and no one has time
> and resources to spend on such activities."  Even though that is true, it
> does not look like a valid reason to reject Kotlin.

I am sorry, maybe my English was not clear.
I was not accusing at all.
I would like to learn Kotlin, I am not questioning about it.

I was just trying to say that maybe Kotlin is still a new language and
contributors and reviewers will need to learn it together with Calcite.

About Quidem...to me it is an useful mechanism to write tests in Calcite
domain, it is far different from a complete programming language.

I appreciate very much that this community wants to be modern


> Julian>Please withdraw the remark and apologize. Your point has merit, but
> there is a way to make it without making it personal.
> I'm afraid I can't understand what you say here. Would you please
> elaborate?
> Vladimir

-- Enrico Olivelli