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Re: Calcite fuzz testing

Michael>Looks good to me! Should we maybe create a JIRA that we can point
to for
Michael>those interested in fixing some bugs?

Frankly speaking I have no idea how that should work.
The identified expressions are new every time, so do you mean we should
have "ever-opened JIRA issue that suggests running RexProgramFuzzyTest"?

How about the following?

1) RexProgramFuzzyTest runs with predefined seed and iteration count for
regression purposes. It prints nothing when the test is fine.

2) Then RexProgramFuzzyTest runs with a random seed till the first failure
(with a time budget of 5 seconds). It prints the error message to the
It might inspire those who stare at build logs. Of course the stacktrace
should either be hidden or truncated to 3-4 lines to avoid log clutter.