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Re: CALCITE-2458 Use of Kotlin for unit tests

Julian>I'd like to hear from Calcite contributors - would you be prepared
Julian>to take the time to learn Kotlin?

We do not force everybody to write tests in Kotlin.
However, writing tests in Kotlin might be a fun way of studying both Kotlin
and Calcite which might be a great option for contributors.

That is exactly what Michael is saying:

Michael> it's the excuse I've been looking for to finally write some Kotlin.

TL;DR of below: I would agree that adding a new technology is a thing.
However I would disagree with both of the provided examples
(SQLLine+JMockit; Druid+Mockito) after I have studied the relevant code.

Julian>Once code is written, it is in the project forever

The code can be removed.

Julian>I can't even figure out how to even run the
Julian>JMockit-based test in SQLLine.

Julian, would you please care explain a bit more here?

Your words might sound like "I can't figure out how to even run
Kotlin-based test in Calcite",
however as my PR shows, regular `mvn test` just works. I can easily run and
debug tests from within IDEA.

I've just downloaded SQLLine code, and SqlLineArgsTest runs as a part of
mvn test, so what's the problem?
Note: there's a failure (see
https://github.com/julianhyde/sqlline/issues/154 ) which is NOT related to

Julian>I have regrets about allowing Mockito into Calcite (it is only used
Julian>the Druid adapter)

DruidQueryFilterTest is the only test that uses Mockito.
Apparently the test is trying to test STATIC DruidJsonFilter.toDruidFilters
method, however
due to some coding issues that method still requires certain (unknown) bits
of DruidQuery which is extremely hard to instantiate.

Does that mean Mockito is to blame there? I wouldn't say so.
Mockito helps there to cut corners.

Would it be better if we've spend 2-4+months on DruidQuery/DruidJsonFilter
code design and review that could be testable without Mockito/JMockit?
I doubt so.

On top of that, the whole Druid thing is of much-much higher barrier to me
rather than
simple things like Mockito/JMockit/Java/Kotlin.