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Re: [DISCUSS] Vetoing commits

Michael>Unless I'm missing something, this was not something you proposed
on the
Michael>JIRA issue, correct?

Please check [1], [6] and subsequent messages.

Your mileage might vary, yet adding proper assertion messages was exactly
what I asked to do several times ("error messages" is present in issue 3
times, and there's "test failures should be easy to understand")
I did show the way "bad message" would look like and the way it would make
life harder, however it was not convincing enough.

Michael>but hopefully we can also move this issue forward.

I'm much more interested in moving CALCITE-2449 forward (see [7]) which in
my opinion would make CALCITE-2438 obsolete.
So I do not see reasons to spend my time on 2348 (see [8])