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Re: Bindable Baz.bind(DataContext) issue

Dylan>What can I do to see the source code of the method bindable.bind() to
change the way of serializing the SQL query into JSON query ?

You might find adding -Dcalcite.debug=true entertaining (see
https://calcite.apache.org/docs/howto.html#running-tests )

Baz code is generated on the fly, so there's no sources in git for it,
however if you supply `-Dcalcite.debug=true`, then the sources will be
printed to the console.

However, it looks like you want to inspect
or something like that since translation of rel expressions to JSON query
is placed there.

PS. We might want to add an option to actually save the generated sources
in the file system, so IDE might be able to set breakpoints and
step-by-step execute the generated on the fly sources as well.