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[jira] [Created] (CALCITE-2456) VolcanoRuleCall#match works incorrectly for unordered child operand

Zuozhi Wang created CALCITE-2456:

             Summary: VolcanoRuleCall#match works incorrectly for unordered child operand
                 Key: CALCITE-2456
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CALCITE-2456
             Project: Calcite
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: core
         Environment: Test on Calcite master branch as of 8/7/2018 with Java 8.
            Reporter: Zuozhi Wang
            Assignee: Julian Hyde
         Attachments: UnorderedBugTest.java


This bug occurs when there'a rule matching a Union operator with an unordered operand: 

`operand(Union.class, unordered(operand(RelTypeB.class, any())))`,

with an plan tree that the operand to match is not the first input to the union:


The expected behavior is that this plan tree should fire the match, because `unordered` means matching any child of the union operator.

The bug is that the plan tree is matched, either matching in descending order (rule is triggered from LogicalUnion) or in ascending order (rule is triggered by adding another node equivalent to RelTypeB).



I have attached a Java file `UnorderedBugTest.java` that contains two test cases to reproduce this issue. The Java file can be copied under folder `calcite/core/src/test/java/org/apache/calcite/plan/volcano/` (same folder as `VolcanoPlannerTest`).


Bug cause:

The cause of this issue is that VolcanoRuleCall doesn't handle `unordered` child operand at all. It uses `operand.ordinalInParent` to check if the matched RelNode matches the operand's ordinal(position) in parent's inputs. The value of `ordinalInParent` is always `0` in this case, requires the matched RelNode to also be the first input.

However, that only makes sense when child policy is `some`, which strictly requires to match in order. For child policy `unordered`, it should match regardless of the position of RelNode in the inputs.

This bug can be fixed with changes to function`VolcanoRuleCall#matchRecurse`:
In line 288: (fix matching in descending order)


{{if (parentOperand.childPolicy.equals(RelOptRuleOperandChildPolicy.UNORDERED)) {}}
{{  List<RelNode> allRelsInAllSubsets = new ArrayList<>();}}
{{  for (RelNode input : inputs) {}}
{{    RelSubset inputSubset = (RelSubset) input;}}
{{    List<RelNode> subsetRels = inputSubset.getRelList();}}
{{    allRelsInAllSubsets.addAll(inputSubset.getRelList());}}
{{  }}}
{{  successors = allRelsInAllSubsets;}}
{{} else {}}
{{  // original code in here}}
{{  if (operand.ordinalInParent < inputs.size())}}
{{  ...}}


In original line 307: (fix matching in ascending order)
change original 
`if (ascending)`
`if (ascending && ! operand.childPolicy.equals(RelOptRuleOperandChildPolicy.UNORDERED))`



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