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Re: SQL Parsing using Apache Calcite

Il dom 29 lug 2018, 19:31 srikanth <srikanth.mvsr37@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

> favorite
> <
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51547864/apache-calcite-and-sql-parsing?noredirect=1#
> >
> I am working on a project that needs to connect to the database to retrieve
> the SQL Statements. Once I retrieved the SQL queries then I need to parse
> these SQL statement Conditions*/Qualifiers* and store them in a memory for
> doing some comparisons later on.
> I did some research and I came across Apache Calcite. As per the website
> link <https://calcite.apache.org/docs/>, it supports query parsing,
> validation, and optimization.
> The database that I want to connect is *Oracle DB* to retrieve the queries(
> like SELECT,WITH).
> Can you provide any info on how to get started for this and am I going in
> right direction in going with Apache Calcite?

This is an application which uses Calcite sql parser and planner

Look for 'runPlanner'
You will find how to parse an SQL statement

Hope that helps


> Srikanth.

-- Enrico Olivelli