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skipping JDBC API (or ResultSet metadata / pagination)


Is there a way to get Enumerator<T> directly from RelNode bypassing JDBC
calls like createStatement() / executeQuery()  ?

I'm looking for something like this:

RelBuilder builder  = .....
RelNode filter = builder.scan("mySchema", "myTable").filter().build();

Enumerable<T> result = something.execute(filter);

Follow-up question (or workaround). Some datasources (like Elastic
return total number of documents matching the criteria in addition to
current result (which can be smaller than total number):

hits: {
   total: 200,
   hits: [{...}, {...}] // can be smaller than 200 (batch)

Is there a way to expose that information to the user in ResultSet (useful
during pagination) ? Otherwise one has to perform two queries:

select count(*) from foo where $filter
select * from foo where $filter LIMIT $batch