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Does Calcite hold all records output from a node before passing them to a higher node ?

I'm not sure if I phrased my question correctly so let me explain more.

I'm running a (SELECT * FROM TABLE) query against a 50 million records
table (Following the BINDABLE convention, so it sends it's rows through a
"sink"). Since the extracted rows aren't processed in any way, I was
expecting that the output JDBC resultset would be able to enumerate through
all the results in a matter of seconds, but instead, my machine didn't
print anything. What exactly happens is that
(PreparedStatement.executeQuery) doesn't return a resultset promptly even
after a few minutes have passed.

I tried a table with hundreds of rows and my testing code printed those
results right away so it's not something I missed there, but probably a
configuration I didn't set ? Or may be that's just how it is ? Does anyone
else believe that the behaviour I expected is reasonable ? It would also
lower the amount of memory consumed to hold the complete results before
bursting them to their final destination, if that's the case in the first