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Re: Reviewers

I think this is a good idea.


On 23/05/2018 3:09 AM, Julian Hyde wrote:
It gets assigned to me because I am owner of the “core” component in JIRA. Should we remove owners from all components?

On May 21, 2018, at 6:04 PM, Alex Xu <xufei1006@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Agree !

ptr.bojko@xxxxxxxxx <ptr.bojko@xxxxxxxxx>于2018年5月22日 周二上午4:26写道:


I've just fired at you Julian a pull request, just like you said. Sorry for

Currently, each bug at JIRA is assigned to you automatically - this can be
misleading, when someone is logging a bug and deliver a fix just after.
This is my case. Maybe it would be better to leave a JIRA issue unassigned?

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 6:58 PM Julian Hyde <jhyde@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Calcite contributors,

If you are submitting a PR, please stop tagging me personally in JIRA
cases to review your PR. I do review a lot of PRs in this project but I
short of time and. If you tag me, other committers will be discouraged
doing it.

Of course we are delighted that you are contributing to the project, but
we need a process that can scale, and directing everything to me does not

When you make a PR, add a comment to the JIRA. If a committer does not
engage within 24 hours, feel free to send a message to the dev list
for review.


As I have said several times, I need other committers to step up and
I am getting close to burning out.


Piotr Bojko