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[PROPOSAL] Separate palette and spec editor in blueprint composer

Hello everyone,

Currently we have a problem with palette. It can be shown on both left and right panel at the same time. It does the same thing but with slight differences :


  • Left palette open a popup before adding to the blueprint. Right palette does not


  • A toolbar is shown on the right, but always with one element. If you close this element the whole panel is empty and useless.


  • If you select one entity and click on the plus button of another, the palettes add to different entities

  • When we compose a blueprint, we always have both panels open. On small screens there’s not much place left to see the graph.

To improve this we could do something like this :

  • Put everything that add things in the left panel, and keep the configuration in the right panel

  • Add a toolbar to the right panel, such as the left panel. The tabs would be the different spec editor sections : configuration, policies, …

  • Add a close button to the right panel, to be coherent with the left panel. Combined with the previous point, it allow to keep opened or closed the right panel


  • If no entity is selected, remove the right toolbar. It appears again when we select an entity.


  • Delete the green plus button, it’s no more needing and create confusion for users.


  • Everything else work like before, including drag & drop

With the points before, we could remove the add buttons of the different sections of the spec editor. If you prefer to keep the buttons, we could also make them just open and highlight sections on the left panel.


Best regards,