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[GitHub] brooklyn-ui issue #109: catalog saver to support 'application', 'template', ...

Github user ahgittin commented on the issue:

    @tbouron agree it would be nice to make the differences clearer but not sure how.  the test to apply is whether it's clearer than before where we prompted for "Application" or "Entity" with no difference, and I think it is.  i've expanded the wording slightly, and welcome further enhancements, but anything more than quick fixes I think will be a longer discussion and shouldn't block this:
    * *Application entity*: Save as an application entity which can be deployed on its own, or configured and used in blueprints but only config and sensors declared at the root are accessible in the Composer ('application' item type)
    * *Application template*: Save as a blueprint template which can be used as an editable starting point for blueprints or used as an application entity ('template' item type)
    * *Extended entity*: Save as an entity which can be configured and used in blueprints, exposing the config and adjuncts it inherits ('entity' item type)