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[GitHub] brooklyn-dist issue #118: add docker image generation

Github user geomacy commented on the issue:

    hi @tbouron what did you do exactly to get round the build error above?
    I'm getting
    [ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.spotify:dockerfile-maven-plugin:1.4.0:build (default) on project brooklyn-dist: Could not build image: com.spotify.docker.client.shaded.com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.MismatchedInputException: Cannot construct instance of `com.spotify.docker.client.messages.RegistryAuth` (although at least one Creator exists): no String-argument constructor/factory method to deserialize from String value ('osxkeychain')
    [ERROR]  at [Source: UNKNOWN; line: -1, column: -1] (through reference chain: java.util.LinkedHashMap["credSstore"])