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[GitHub] brooklyn-ui pull request #96: Relevance and other composer tweaks

Github user tbouron commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: ui-modules/blueprint-composer/app/components/spec-editor/spec-editor.template.html ---
    @@ -341,7 +341,9 @@ <h4>No matching configuration</h4>
     <!-- ENTITY LOCATION -->
    -<br-collapsible ng-if="[FAMILIES.ENTITY, FAMILIES.SPEC].indexOf(model.family) > -1" state="state.location.open">
    +<ng-include src="'SpecEditorLocationSection.html'"></ng-include>
    --- End diff --
    As we introduce more and more templates through `$templateCache` (which is great) we should then adopt a naming convention now instead of changing the name after and breaking downstream project.
    Therefore I would propose `<angular_component_type>/<component_name>/<template_id>.html`. For example:
    - `directive/spec-editor/section-location.html` for this particular template
    - `view/main/graphical/footer.html` for a footer template in the view `main.graphical`