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[GitHub] brooklyn-dist pull request #126: update order in pom so we get the preferred...

Github user aledsage commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: all/pom.xml ---
    @@ -36,11 +36,35 @@
    +        <!-- this is ordered in a special way so that where nested dependencies bring in different versions
    +             our preferred versions are first and maven does the right thing; mvn's strategy is a bit odd,
    +             where the same dep is pulled in at different depths it seems to prefer the shallower one,
    +             reverting to sequence here in cases of ties.  including this as a dependency should mean
    +             maven projects see the same versions we include via osgi, at least that is the intention! -->east we've attempted to do this! -->
    --- End diff --
    Extra `-->` on  on this line.