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[GitHub] brooklyn-ui issue #69: Fix a couple issues with composer spec/config editor

Github user aledsage commented on the issue:

    FYI without Alex's fix for the custom widget, editing the value behaves really strangely. Below is a description of the behaviour I saw without this fix.
    For example, for a dropdown widget, select a value (e.g. â??t3.microâ??), and then immediately clicking to view the yaml (or click â??Deploy"), then the value is not included. However, if I choose the value and then click on another config field, then the value does take effect.
    Similarly if I try to type text in there, it goes weird. I had previously chosen â??t3.microâ?? from the dropdown. I then clicked on the text box, deleted the text, and typed â??fooâ??. When I then clicked on another field and then went to the yaml view, the value was â??t3.mediuâ?? (when it should have been "foo").
    With a new entity, clicking in the box and typing â??fooâ?? and then return, the yaml showed just â??fâ??.
    Also, the validation error does not indicate the problem (that config is `constraint: [required]`)Instead, the error was only shown at the top-level Configuration.