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[GitHub] brooklyn-docs pull request #266: Clean up docs

Github user kemitix commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: guide/blueprints/example_yaml/vanilla-bash-netcat-w-client.yaml ---
    @@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ services:
           name: sayHiNetcat
           description: Echo a small hello string to the netcat entity
           command: |
    -        echo $message | nc $TARGET_HOSTNAME 4321
    +        echo $message | nc -N $TARGET_HOSTNAME 4321
    --- End diff --
    Struggling to find how you would install an updated version of netcat on MacOS that would support this command. The problem is that on some platforms the `nc` command doesn't close the channel when `echo` terminates, which prevents the pipeline command from terminating.
    Would a suitable solution be to include both options with one of them commented out and a comments saying `# MacOS` and `# Linux`?
    # Uncomment the appropriate command for your operating system
    # Linux
    # echo $message | nc -N $TARGET_HOSTNAME 4321
    # MacOS
    # echo $message | nc $TARGET_HOSTNAME 4321