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[GitHub] brooklyn-ui issue #62: Restore slf4j.version property

Github user ahgittin commented on the issue:

    @kemitix We shouldn't have to redeclare it as it can cause different versions of JARs to be pulled in if they get out of sync (which they have here!).  It is declared in `brooklyn-server/pom.xml` as `1.7.25` (not `.14` used here), which is the parent of `brooklyn-server/parent/pom.xml` which is the parent of this.
    The right fix would be to ensure the ancestor definition is pulled in correctly, which it should be.  I am curious why it isn't.  I don't see why this would fix it, as the grandparent pom already declares the variable you declare.  Suggest re-trying with a clean build on `brooklyn-server` then this (without this fix) and seeing whether it is okay.