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[GitHub] brooklyn-server issue #967: add an /applications/details endpoint which corr...

Github user ahgittin commented on the issue:

    Thanks @aledsage @geomacy .  Great comments.
    I'll add tests and push all changes addressed except depth.
    On maxDepth, it's a not uncommon pattern that <0 is infinite, and 0 could to me logically mean _either_ no detail at level 0, or yes detail at level 0 but 0 additional levels.  I've gone with the former semantics as strictly more useful (in terms of functionality).  The fact that the default is 1 and this is explained I think is sufficient.
    Agree both are a little subtle but there is not an elegant way I can see to make it clearer; it involves additional fields with some redundancy.
    If you feel strongly happy to go with an alternate API that preserves functionality -- please suggest --  however this as is my preferred.