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[GitHub] brooklyn-server pull request #969: Add registered types test

Github user geomacy commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: core/src/test/java/org/apache/brooklyn/core/typereg/RegisteredTypesTest.java ---
    @@ -0,0 +1,123 @@
    +package org.apache.brooklyn.core.typereg;
    +import org.apache.brooklyn.api.typereg.BrooklynTypeRegistry;
    +import org.apache.brooklyn.api.typereg.RegisteredType;
    +import org.testng.annotations.Test;
    +import javax.annotation.Nullable;
    +import static org.testng.Assert.*;
    +public class RegisteredTypesTest {
    +    public static final String DRBD_YAML = "brooklyn.catalog:\n" +
    --- End diff --
    It's hard to tell when reading the code what the significant differences are between these various plans - think it would be worth cutting them down to something smaller where you could read the code and see more easily what comparison you can make.