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[GitHub] brooklyn issue #15: edit Brooklyn license info so that GitHub recognizes it

Github user eirinikos commented on the issue:

    Thank you @geomacy and @ahgittin !
    @ahgittin in response to your feedback ...
    (1) Yes, I do have an ICLA on file (as of 6/18/18).
    (2) Yes, it does seem like the Appendix is required for `licensee` to work. I agree with your point re: Google, but it seems that `licensee` gets easily confused if it does not detect the entirety of the Apache license text (Appendix, and all).
    I also agree that the current approach isn't ideal, and that it could make sense to have `LICENSE` include only the Apache License and to have `NOTICE` include the other items. Looking forward to seeing what the ML has to say about this.
    Also, thanks @geomacy for pointing out the discrepancy between this PR (on the `brooklyn` repo) and the actual URL on the [Landscape page](https://landscape.cncf.io/selected=apache-brooklyn). It looks like you and @ahgittin have a solution in place (i.e., updating the scripts). I wonder if it might also make sense for the Landscape page to point to the [Brooklyn repo](https://github.com/apache/brooklyn) rather than the [Brooklyn-Server repo](https://github.com/apache/brooklyn-server) (@dankohn would be the one who could advise on that.)