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[GitHub] brooklyn-server pull request #962: allow tags to be set on catalog items

Github user ahgittin commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: core/src/main/java/org/apache/brooklyn/core/catalog/internal/BasicBrooklynCatalog.java ---
    @@ -934,15 +937,17 @@ private void collectCatalogItemsFromItemMetadataBlock(String sourceYaml, Managed
             String sourcePlanYaml = planInterpreter.getPlanYaml();
             if (resultLegacyFormat==null) {
    -            // horrible API but basically if `result` is null then add to local unpersisted registry instead,
    -            // without forcing resolution and ignoring errors; this lets us deal with forward references, but
    -            // we'll have to do a validation step subsequently.  (already we let bundles deal with persistence,
    -            // just need TODO to make sure we delete previously-persisted things which now come through this path.)  
    -            // NB: when everything is a bundle and we've removed all scanning then this can be the _only_ path
    -            // and code can be massively simpler
    -            // TODO allow these to be set in catalog.bom ?
    +            // horrible API but basically `resultLegacyFormat==null` means use the new-style,
    +            // adding from persisted bundles to type registry (which is not persisted)
    +            // instead of old way which persisted catalog items (and not their bundles).
    +            // this lets us deal with forward references, with a subsequent step to validate.
    +            Set<Object> tags = MutableSet.of().putAll(getFirstAs(catalogMetadata, Collection.class, "tags").orNull());
    --- End diff --
    Duplicate tags are never supported.  See e.g. `TagSupport.getTags()` which returns a `Set`..
    The only reason it wasn't noticed here is that we didn't use tags much on these objects.