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[DISCUSSION] Kubernetes Helm

Hi Brooklyners.

You might have noticed that the Brooklyn builds started to fail more than
usual recently. I spent some time last week to fix those issues but I just
realised that there is a deeper one with the recent change I merged (about
Kubernetes Helm)

This change requires a dependency, which depends on some native code. Now,
this dependency exists for 3 platforms: macOS, Linux and Window. The issue
is that the "right" dependency is included at build time via the maven
classifier, and the way it is picked is by looking at the current build OS
and selecting the corresponding one[1]. Obviously, this leads to nasty
problem: as all our builds are done on Linux, Brooklyn artifacts only work
on Linux. Not only that, the classifier is dynamically picked and set as
envvar by a plugin. This is also an issue for any downstream projects.

While we want this feature in Brooklyn, I don't think this is acceptable
for our users therefore I reverted the changes and started this
conversation. What do you think would be the best approach to fix this?
Having 1 build per platform doesn't sound good as it won't be portable
anymore. Maybe we can find another dependency without a link to native code?



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